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The Future Of Tenant Referencing

APPROVED leads the way in innovative tenant screening with an unparalleled Smart Card data storage system that makes paper application forms & long delays a thing of the past.

Not only can landlords & property agents view a tenant's credit & reference report within seconds but the entire process is secure & paperless which is why APPROVED is the prefered option for all parties.

With massive regulatory changes to the rental industry such as GDPR & the proposed agent letting fees ban the landscape of tenant referencing has been re-invented.
The APPROVED tenant pre-approval scheme replaces the old techniques & practices which are generally no longer fit for purpose with with a new, futureproof & crucially, more efficient solution.

Every link in the property rental chain benefits from this innovative system. Tenants save money, time & can be assured that their personal data is safe whilst landlords no longer have to negotiate lenghty referencing forms or pay an agency to conduct the relevant checks required to satisfy their requirements.

In addition both landlords and agents can rest assured that they are 100% GDPR compliant which in itself will avoid potentially huge fines for data breaches. Perhaps the most significant benefit of APPROVED is the convenience of the Smart Card technology which allows a potential landlord to verify a prospective tenant. Whether you are a tenant about to rent or a property professional the obvious benefits reaffirm APPROVED's position as the most effective, innovative & futureproof vetting solution.

  • STEP 1: Enter the applicant's 4 digit PIN below
  • STEP 2: This will display their name, date of check, ID document number & the result of their credit & referencing checks
  • STEP 3: Check that the long (ADC) card number matches that displayed & check that the ID document number provided by your applicant matches that displayed online
  • STEP 4: If your applicant has authorised full disclosure then you are able to view their original application form & full APPROVED final report online by clicking the link below the result
  • Please call our authentication unit on 020 7164 6306 should you wish to authenticate a card or the online results.


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APPROVED empowers prospective tenants
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How long is the APPROVED report valid for?

Each report is valid for 90 days so you should only apply once you are in a position to actively search for a rental property

What if I fail to meet the APPROVED criteria?

Whilst we will not be able to issue your APPROVED Certificate initially you may be offered the opportunity to enhance your application by supplying the details of a suitable guarantor. You should consider our list of criteria before making an application & contact our customer service team if you are need to discuss your circumstances.

I have only been living in the UK for a short period of time & do not have a 6 year traceable address history.

You will need to apply using the International form as this will enable us to check your overseas addresses in addition to those in the UK.

How do I know if my agent or landlord accepts my APPROVED report?

The APPROVED scheme is accepted by thousands of landlords & letting agents across the globe however if in doubt you are advised to ask them during your initial viewing.

Can we complete a joint application?

No. Each prospective tenant must complete a separate application

I am unable to afford the rent alone as my partner earns more than me so will I fail?

No. We only provide a recommended maximum rent for each APPROVED Tenant based on verified income & status. The combined figures from both you & your partner’s reports should show sufficient income.

I am self employed. Am I eligible to become an APPROVED Tenant?

Yes. You will be required to provide an accountant’s details as a referee or bank statements & latest tax return documentation.

I am changing jobs soon so who should I add as my employment referee?

You should add your current employer’s details within the relevant section & add your new employer’s details within the notes section at the end of the form

I am applying for a lease in a company name. Can I do this?

Yes. You must use the Company application form if the tenancy or lease is to be taken in a company name.

I am a student & have no fixed income. Can I become an APPROVED Tenant?

Yes. You will require a suitable guarantor who must be a UK homeowner & have a verifiable income (employed,self employed or retired).

I am in receipt of benefits. Can I become an APPROVED Tenant?

You will need to provide proof of your benefit awards & these will be verified. You may also require a suitable guarantor however you are advised to check that the property that you wish to rent is suitable as acceptance will be at the discretion of the relevant landlord or agent.

I have a small County Court Judgment. Will I be accepted?

You will require additional security such as a suitable guarantor or advance rent payment. Details of the debt will feature on your report & Certificate therefore the final decision will be in the hands of any future landlord or agent.

What is a TrustRank score?

TrustRank is a reputation scoring system that searches social & traditional International media sources to identify serious criminal history & behaviours that may give a potential landlord reason to be concerned about an applicant’s good character or reputation.

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