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Digital Tenant Authentication

If your prospective tenant has an APPROVED Smart Card (ASC) you can authenticate their ID & their referencing/credit check result in seconds
We recommend that you request a copy of the applicant's primary ID (passport/driver's licence/Internatioanl ID card) as you can then match the document number to that associated with their APPROVED Smart Card (ASC)

  • STEP 1: Enter the applicant's 16 digit APPROVED Smart Card (long number across front of card) number
  • STEP 2: You will be prompted for a 4 digit PIN code (only the legitimate APPROVED Applicant can provide this code
  • STEP 3: Once the correct PIN is entered you will see the applicant's name, date of approval, ID document number, credit/referencing check results & maximum rental affordability figure.
  • STEP 4: Ensure that the ID document provided by the applicant matches that on the online summary (last 4 document digits must match)
  • STEP 5: If your applicant has authorised enhanced disclosure then you can view their original application form & full APPROVED final report by clicking the link below the result summary
  • Please call our authentication unit on 020 7164 6306 should you wish to authenticate an ASC, request enhanced authorisation or have any queries relating the the results.



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Company Files


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APPROVED ensures that tenant's personal data is locked down & GDPR compliance is 100% guaranteed


APPROVED provides landlords & agents with a rapid & innovative new way of checking the suitability of their prospective tenants without forms, fees or delays.

How long is the APPROVED report valid for?

Each report is valid for 90 days so once authenticated you will be instantly know whether the APPROVED status is still valid

The applicant has only been living in the UK for a short period of time so how can they be APPROVED.

APPROVED is one of only a handful of UK bureaus to offer a full International credit & reference check solution.

How do I verify that the cardholder is actually the same as the potential tenant presenting it?

Every APPROVED tenant must provide ID at the outset of the process. This is available on the report summary. You must ensure that the last 4 digits of this ID document matches that on the summary

Does this card cover joint applicants?

No. Each prospective tenant over 18 years must have a single report & card although the affordability is connected for joint applicants

I want to see a copy of the original application form & references obtained before I agree to accept this applicant. How do I do this?

If the applicant has opted for enhanced disclosure then you can see everything online once you enter their PIN. If they have not they can request this via the telephone. We will require some additional security to verify their identity & the report can be upgraded within 15 minutes.

The applicant has a card but no ID. What should I do?

You should not agree to accept a prospective tenant until such time as you have seen the ID document linked to the card. This wil be a UK or International passport, Driver's Licence or national ID card.

I wish to take out rent guarantee insurance. How do I do this?

Once you have authenticated the prospective tenant's card & ID they are automatically eligible for the APPROVED Rent Warranty or third party insurance however you must check with the insurance company first

What do I do if the rent of this property exceeds the maximum rent recommended on the applicant's report.

The maximum rent figure is a recommendation based on the applicant's verified earnings & credit bureau validated outgoings so this should be observed. You can accept a tenant for a higher rent however you will be increasing your risk of potential default by doing so.

The applicant's card has expired. Can I still accept it?

No. You should request a new check by entering their email address in the homepage form. Much can change in 90 days so your risk will increase by accepting an expired report/card.

The report states that the applicant requires a Guarantor. What do I do?

If the report contains an APPROVED named guarantor you must ensure that you request ID from them & add them to any future tenancy/lease agreement to make them legally liable for rent.

I am unable to authenticate the card online. What do I do?

The card may have expired or the PIN may be incorrect. Please call our authentication team on 020 7164 6306 to manually authenticate the card.

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